Everything about accounting for non-accountants, and everything a trainee needs to master the EBC*L Exam.
Trainees learn all needed about the annual financial statement, sales contract and much more.

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Every Monday a new cycle begins in the thirty-seven day challenge
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Every Monday a new cycle begins in the thirty-seven day challenge
Do not miss the opportunity, take advantage of the discount period and subscribe now

Training dates via Zoom platform

  • Week One - Corporate Law

  • Week Two - Accounting

  • Week Three - Cost and Price

  • Fourth week - corporate goals and financial ratios

  • Fifth week - test/certificate

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Top Skills أهم مهارات المدرب
Quality & Risk Management,
Intercultural Skills,
إدارة الجودة وإدارة المخاطر وثقافات الحضارات
Management Consulting
الاستشارات الإدارية
Languages اللغات
English, Arabic, German
الانجليزية، العربية والألمانية

:للتواصل مع فريق الدعم
[email protected]


Certified Trainer at Abisel International in Vienna/Austria
Lecturer and Director of the Master's Program
(MBA) Professional Business Administration
University of Applied Sciences Vienna
Global Awards
- Austrian State Award
Austrian State Appreciation Award
- International German Award
Germany International Prize
- SABER International Award (PR Oscar)
Sabra International (Oscar Relations p .)
- Best Practice Award
Best Practical Application Award / Austria
20 books (on Amazon) about Business Administration, Quality Management, and Translation Science.
20 books on amazon
About the arts of business administration

AMAZON the most important literature on the platform

The books you study with:

Arabic books:


English Books


Target Groups:
Entrepreneurs, company owners and project managers
Lawyers, translators, engineers, doctors, and government employees in the different ministries, and those in charge of political parties, and civil society organizations.
Fresh graduates, students and job seekers, and everyone who aims for personal and professional development to raise the personal level as well as the professional level.

Training sessions and diploma exam

Business Law
first week

and financial statements:
second week

Cost Accounting
and pricing
The third week

Business Objectives
and financial ratios
Fourth week

Online exam
The fifth week
European Business Competence License

As a result of the transparency of the scientific content and the method of training according to an elaborate work manual and the issuance of certificates from one of the European Union countries, which is one of the things that characterize the European Business Competence License, it has been approved by many European economic entities as a qualifying necessity for appointment and promotion in the ladder of jobs in the private and public sectors. It has also been adopted in many projects funded by European Union institutions.

What you will learn
level A
Knowledge bases in business administration
First-level graduates learn accounting techniques and prepare and read the balance sheet
Determining the cost and price of a product or service, and how to use business objectives in companies
And identify the measurement tools for their work in order to achieve the goal
From the balance sheet, and estimating financial ratios
They also learn about ways that can help each individual
To reach these goals
(costs and prices)
The first level generally covers the basics of business management



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