EBC*L Arab World

As part of the EBC*L International, EBC*L Arab World was established in 2009 with the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammed-Ali Ibrahim. EBC*L Arab World is in charge of seeking new partners in the Middle East and North Africa and underpinning the operations of existing alliances in this. Currently, EBC*L Arab World has nine partners from six different countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen. On the same time, the leadership of EBC*L Arab World negotiates with other partners to promote the EBC*L concept on a wider scope in the Arab World.

The EBC*L Arab World as part of the EBC*L International introduces a new business strategy including a new pricing policy purposely elaborated for this region, as well as a new decentralized operation system. The latter would facilitate the acceleration of our expansion policy in new markets. EBC*L management decided to maintain the country representative system in countries where the EBC*L system has already been established. In our targeted markets, a further decision was to create a new centralized structure with direct communication and more dynamic workload. We believe that our new strategy would be beneficial to all stakeholders, from EBC*L to our new partners and even to the local economies.