level one

Knowledge bases in business administration

First-level graduates learn accounting methods, setting and reading the balance sheet, and determining the cost and price of a product or service. how to use business objectives in companies, identify measurement tools for their work to achieve the balance sheet’s objective, and estimate financial ratios. Help each individual to reach these goals costs and prices.

The first level generally covers the basics of business management

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Second Level

Planning knowledge trainee at the second level obtains knowledge related to how to use the action plan to implement projects. or establish and manage a company, taking into account all the necessary elements of how to set the budget. The level contains the information necessary to implement strategic plans to reach the goals set with appropriate modern tools. Training materials for the second level Business plan/marketing and sales plan / financial plan/investment and profitability analysis.

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The third level
Management and leadership information.
At the third level, the training system “Ebsil” focuses on the issue of leadership in business administration, where the graduate of the third level will be able to understand the economic and practical rules and modern management mechanisms when leading a work team or playing the role of a department head or general manager. where work mechanisms are detailed and explained in their modern global methods. To reach the facility or organization to the set economic goals and master the process of wise leadership based on human resource management in the first place in a way that achieves high productivity and maximum effectiveness.

Appropriate and effective communication channels and mastery of crisis management.
3rd level training materials
Business Leadership, Management Human Resources, Management / Quality Management and Reporting Systems / Crisis and Risk Management.

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