Costing and pricing


  • This book gives you some popular methods about how to define the right price and use the minimum costs with the biggest profits.
  • The used case study is very efficient to transform knowledge. The workbook is a great help to be well-prepared for the EBC*L Exam.
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  • This book focuses on how you can choose the best price for your profit and for the advantage of your customer with the right costing calculation.
  • It will make you able to explain the most important objectives, tasks, and key concepts of cost accounting, able to explain the economic background of entrepreneurial decision-making (markets, customers, competition, cost of sales)
  • With the knowledge in this book, you will also be able to explain the significance of the contribution margin as a central concept in cost accounting and calculate it, able to explain the objectives and basic structure of cost centre accounting and profit centre accounting and give reasons why cost awareness and entrepreneurial thinking are necessary to achieve your profit goals.


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