History of EBC*L

Economic core knowledge is one of the most significant key competencies to meet the challenges of globalization and encourage entrepreneurship in local economies. The initiative “Business Competence for Europe” was started in order to spread core business management knowledge among those who have not studied business administration. It developed the internationally recognized certificate European Business Competence* License.

EBC*L was established back in 2003, first in Austria and Germany. EBC*L started its successful operation in Hungary, Poland, and Switzerland in the first years. The years 2005/06 saw 9 newcomers from Europe (Bulgaria, Italy, Kosovo, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, UK, Croatia, Serbia). In 2007, EBC*L not only successfully entered other European countries but for the first time in its history also expanded to other continents, and training was delivered in 13 new countries such as Ukraine, Macedonia, Albania, Malta, Kenya, Andorra, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Nigeria, and the Netherlands. In the last few years, EBC*L International continued its effective expansion policy and made partnerships in the Arab world.