business plan-Level B


  • Whether you’re starting any business or exploring ways to expand an existing one, a business plan is an important tool to help to find your clear decisions.
  • Think of it as a roadmap to success, providing greater clarity on all aspects of your business, from marketing and finance to operations and product/service details.
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  • To be successful in the business world you need for sure a plan, a business plan to work with and make your path to success clear so you need this book to reach some important goals, e.g. being able to define and explain the goals, contents and structure of a business plan, and being able to explain analytical and planning instruments of business management and give examples of how they are applied.
  • This book covers the essential elements of an excellent business plan, e.g. the basics of business plan design, project planning, actual analysis of company, industry and competitive aspects, marketing and sales.
  • Finally, we recall, why is a business plan so importantBusiness plans typically include detailed information that can help improve the business’s chances of success, like market analysis, competitive analysis, customer segmentation, marketing, logistics and operations plans, cash flow projection and an overall path to long-term growth.


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