Accounting: European Business Competence * License Kindle edition


  • Everything about accounting for non-accountants, and everything a trainee needs to master the EBC*L Exam.
  • Trainees learn all needed about the annual financial statement, sales contract and much more.
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  • This book explains all accounting aspects and how to master them. It introduces the annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account), which is the basis to reflect how much important it is in the financial world.
  • Adding to this, it will make you able to understand the basic structure of the sales contract and draw initial conclusions.
  • The book explains through a realistic case study the most relevant terms related to the accounting world, such as assets, debts, balance, equity capital, equity and liabilities, inventory, accounts receivable & account payable, provisions, depreciation etc.
  • The workbook inside gives an optimal opportunity to evaluate your knowledge in an easy and nice way.
  • You can also find the correct answers in another chapter to learn the ideal answer as a revision and preparation for the EBC*L Exam.



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